Iron Man 3 - Camera Track and Face Matchmove

This is one of many shots I worked at Digital Domain as an Integration Artist.
I am in charge of Tracking Camera and Matchmoving faces for robot suit replacement and visual effect.
Since I can't access to those shot for my demo reel, I was able to find this one to show the break down of Integration process.

The video belong to : 
Marvel VFX
Published on May 7, 2013
Marvel Studios Movies  |http://vk.com/marvel_studios|

This is some of my selected works on Underworld Awakening as a Tracker/Matchmover at Luma Pictures. I was in charge of undistort, Tracking/Matchmoving in Stereo for more than 20 shots. Underworld Awakening was an excited project which blended between great story, excellent CG creatures and compositing.

These are some selected works The Avengers. I worked on the movie as a Tracker/Matchmover at Luma Pictures. I am in charge of undistort, set model, tracking and match move more than 35 shots for The Avengers.

Some of my selected works on Iron Man 3 which I was able to get from Luma Pictures.
There are much more works I did at Digital Domain that I hope I will have a chance to show .

This is my selected works from the movie OZ The Great and the Powerful. I was in charge of Stereo Tracking/Matchmoving.

This is a compositing project.
I used camera projection texture for the main temple and sculpting rock in Maya.
Final comp and color correction in Nuke.

The Treasury of Petra:
        Deep in the Jordanian desert, surrounded by towering mountain ranges, lie the ruins of an ancient city that fascinates archaeologists and tourists alike as much with its unique appearance and construction as with its beauty and grandeur. 
         The city is Petra, ancient capital of the Nabateans  a Semitic people. Petra is famous for its buildings  temples, monasteries, and churches, amphitheatres that are carved into solid rock. 
          Because of its beauty, Petra inspired many movies as Indiana Jones and Transformer 2.