Compositor with foundation of 2D graphic Design and 3D Computer Animation; Graphic Designer; video editor and amateur photographer.
With my love to photographer, my goal is becoming a Compositor and Colorist.
•To bring imagination to visual image through the soul of motion picture and computer technology. 
•To be part of a creative and artistic team who creates art to entertain life.Specialties: • 3D artist: Maya; Mental Ray; SynthEyes; PFTrack; Boujou; Nuke. Basic skill in Houdini, 3ds Max, SoftImage• 2D Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop; Adobe Illustrator; Microsoft Word
• Mac, Window and Linux operations.

What is a life without the pursuit of happiness? For me, one form of happiness which I am in pursuit of is becoming an CG artist
     I discovered my interest for computer art as a teenager so I went to a college as a Graphic Designer. Then I felt in love with 3D so I came to Full Sail University in Orlando to study Computer Animation.
     First of all, I love art and all forms of creative art ranging from books, music, photography to painting.  All things beautiful in this world makes me very happy and as a result of this I love to be able to enjoy and create art.
     Secondly, I am assiduous, determined and open-minded.  I love having fun and enjoy trying new things whether it is meeting new people, traveling to new places or learning about different cultures. Being from Vietnam originally, I have been very fortunate to be able to experience a completely new culture and lifestyle in America. Such experiences I honestly believe, improves my perception of the world around me and opens my mind to new experiences and knowledge that is enriching and extremely rewarding.
     More than that, the most important quality is, inside me, there is a desire to always persevere, improve my abilities whether it in classical arts or new techniques and even to embrace change in all forms. In my opinion, they are the qualities an artist needs to be artistic and create high quality artworks and sustain a long-term success in the field.
     My hope and dream of someday becoming an 3D artist wakes me up each morning with an awareness that I am living a full life.